Iran now accounts for approximately 90% of the world production of saffron.

There are different saffron types in the market with different prices. Various Iranian companies supply saffron in different types especially in three categories include Sargol (All-Red saffron), Poushal and Dasteh. This classification is based on the fact that which part of saffron strands is exist in the final product. So, our purpose in expression “saffron types” is not related to companies or production places. But, it is related to red and white part of saffron strands in the product.




Sargol saffron in fact is the saffron concept on the mind of most of people. In this type, style is removed completely and separated red stigma form pure saffron. So, Sargol is all-red type saffron.


The highest quality of iranian Saffron is called "Negin" and thus is the most valuable.
Negin saffron is longer and thicker than common saffron. Negin contains all the stigma without the style (yellow part).


Poushal Saffron consist of red stigma with 1 to 3 mm of yellow style. In comparison with the “Dasteh”, “Poushal” has more relative content of stigma. So Poushal saffron has more overall color which is between 170 to 250 units based on its quality.


Iranian Bunch saffron includes all parts of saffron threads with the whole style. It contains stigma and style. The red part of saffron stigmas and the white- yellow part of saffron styles are put together and turned by a string as a bunch of saffron. In fact, the Red and white part in Bunch saffron should be between 70 to 75% and the root part is about 25 to 30 %. The power of color and quality of bunch saffron is less than other types of saffron.